Farm Field Trips

farm field trips

Choose our location for your next farm field trips. Our organic farm is very interesting. When you think of local hydroponics, we know that Jerry Branch Berry Ranch will be the first name that comes to mind in Dunedin, FL. To see how produce gets from farm to table, we are the place to visit.

Our manual growing systems keep you involved in the plant life cycle by allowing you to determe the watering schedule. Or pick an electric unit which includes a pump and timer (you will need to get your own reservoir, a 55-gallon drum works great) for worry-free growing.

Just fill the reservoir up as needed (about once every two weeks), and let the sun do all the work. Virtually any plant that can be grown in soil can be grown in a Hydro-Stacker unit. Pick up a couple of manual units for the corners of your driveway, flowers will grow so large they will look like shrubs!