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At Jerry Branch Berry Ranch, you’ll find farm tours of an active commercial farm that has over 5200 plants growing. We have a 100 year old historic farmhouse owned by one of Dunedin’s original settlers: Tractor Hay Rides.

We grow our strawberries hydroponically. Our plants do not grow in the dirt but rather in a state-of-the art vertical gardening system. With this innovative approach there is no soil. The plants are grown in a mixture of vermiculite and perlite.

There are no soil borne diseases and plants have fewer pests. Plants are fed dissolved mineral nutrients directly to the roots. The plants get exactly what they need to produce exceptional tasting fruits without having to compete with weeds.

More food can be produced in less space. We are currently growing thousands of U-Pick strawberry plants on one and a half acres instead of using 15 acres. We use only about 5% of the water used in traditional strawberry farming. You can pick standing up, so less bending over and strain on your back. Visit our farm in Dunedin, FL today!

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